Red Sofa

Following the successful launch of its new North American Headquarters, the Almac Group wanted to create a campaign that would enable two of its key business units to sit down and talk face-to-face with current and prospective clients in Europe, North America and Asia to understand their specific needs and how Almac could satisfy them. The main challenge we faced was getting busy professionals to set aside time to learn how Almac’s integrated services solution would benefit them.

ClientAlmac Clinical Services / Clinical TechnologiesServicesStrategy, Advertising, Digital, Marketing Assets, Exhibition, Design & Creative Services.


Working with brand managers on both sides of the Atlantic, we developed a fully integrated marketing strategy to position the brand message not as a sales pitch, but as an opportunity for clients to meet and engage face-to-face with Almac.

Adopting the busy events calendar of tradeshows worldwide as a platform to prompt and enable these sit-down conversations to happen, three months prior to the first major trade show of the year, the ‘Big Red Sofa’ campaign launched. The implementation phase involved targeted print and digital components leading visitors to a microsite enabling them to schedule a sit down with Almac.

At the heart of the campaign ‘Big Red Sofas’ were strategically located at events and became symbolic of Almac’s willingness to sit down and discuss face-to-face with clients, their precise needs. Indeed – the campaign theme was carried through to the brand’s North American Headquarters were upon arriving, visitors are to this day – invited to take a seat on a Big Red Sofa.