When a work process is viewed as a ‘necessary evil,’ it’s time to innovate. Recognising that the onerous task of manually reconciling discrepancies in supply records accumulated over the lifetime of a clinical trial can add as much as two years to the study closeout phase, Almac Technologies decided it was time to streamline and automate the process with a new Accountability and Reconciliation Tracking system known as ART.

ClientAlmac Clinical TechnologiesServicesAdvertising, Design & Creative Services, Marketing Assets, Digital, Exhibition, Motion Graphics.


When Almac Clinical Technologies commissioned us as their creative effectiveness consultancy, we set about developing an integrated campaign strategy for ART using ‘Tracking by the Numbers’ as the expression of that theme.

This led to a brave departure from the literal ‘like for like’ campaign thinking that has defined how the biopharmaceutical sector communicated with people and businesses for decades and enabled the creation of a breakthrough piece of work that successfully balanced art, science and technology in an inventive and interactive way.

The iconic ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ became the creative visual theme that brought ‘ART – Tracking by the Numbers’ to life in what was to become a consistent and instantly recognisable campaign worldwide.


Altering the perception of Almac Clinical Technologies from that of ‘another’ pharmaceutical company to that of a forward thinking science and technology innovator – ‘ART – Tracking by the Numbers’ engaged audiences across multiple channels and creating an interactive experience at tradeshows worldwide.