Global Brand Roll Out

Mergers and acquisitions happen and when they do – establishing a strong internal cultural core is the first step in the journey to building a sustainable public reputation.

Communicating that story ‘cultural core essence’ to thousands of staff worldwide – many of whom were active competitors up until the announcement was to be no small challenge and would require much more than just a new logo.

This was to be an opportunity for a new brand essence to be shaped that would be brought to life through the countless ways staff and customers would come to experience Envigo on a daily basis – effectively equipping every person within the company to be a proud and informed brand ambassador.

ClientEnvigoServicesAdvertising, Design & Creative Services, Marketing Assets, Exhibition, Motion Graphics.


The transformational journey that would see five different and in some instances – former competitors rally behind a single brand began in complete secrecy.

Working in collaboration with ‘New Co.’ brand leadership teams in the United States and Europe, an integrated brand launch and roll-out strategy was created that identified more than 40,000 individual pieces of internal and external collateral in use across the five companies that would need to be audited for overlap and recreated to reflect not only the new brand but also country specific regulations.

Recognising the scale of this undertaking and the importance of having everything completed and in place across 67 locations worldwide for Day One – timelines for design, translation, proofing, production, installation and delivery were set-up to ensue each of the company’s 3,800 staff began their Envigo journey together.


Appointed to instil a clear sense of collective pride, passion and confidence that would bring about an organisational mindset shift, we tapped into the countless personal stories from across the company that underpin the positive outcomes facilitated by Envigo and incorporated these throughout each brand engagement and touchpoint in a way that was consistently creatively effective.