Surety You

With such a globally diverse workforce, the challenge for the brand was to create a core educational hub that would allow staff to equip themselves with the values, insights and traits that define the company’s culture and success.

The brand sought to ensure that everyone, from janitor to CEO would haveaccess to the training courses needed to empower and enthuse them to take the next step and fulfil their career goals.

ClientLiberty Mutual SuretyServicesConsultation, Digital , Motion Graphics, Advertising, Branding, Exhibition


Partnering with the Liberty Mutual Surety Marketing Team based in North America, our role was to give form and structure to this learning hub – incorporating the brand’s purpose.

‘Surety You’ – is a declaration of empowerment to the company’s workforce. You arethe brand and the brand is you. As the face and voice of Liberty in all of their individual day-to-day customer interactions with customers, suppliers and fellow employees, ‘Surety: You’.

Interpreting these values into a visual narrative that would integrate seamlessly with a brand identity that is globally recognised was to be no small challenge. We responded by working in partnership with the Liberty Mutual Surety Marketing Team to create a suite of colours and font type that would act as both an organic extension of the enabling parent brand, but also resonate with staff worldwide.

Introducing colour psychology and cultural triggers that would resonated and motivated staff to engage with the initiative – we collectively developed a brand identity that staff could take ownership of and rally to as ‘their’ next step on the corporate ladder.


50,000+ employees based in over 900 locations, working across five continents now accessing up to 400 training courses.