Taconic Biosciences – Brand Roll Out

Despite being a leader in life sciences for more than half a century, when Taconic Farms came to us in 2014, it was a brand that lacked a compelling and unifying means to clearly articulate its distinct identity and experience in a market that was becoming ever more crowded.

Recognising the heritage contained within the Taconic name, it was universally understood that word ‘Farms’ misrepresented what the company had come to be. Working with Taconic’s internal leadership team, Taconic Farms gave way to Taconic Biosciences.

ClientTaconic BiosciencesServicesExhibition, Branding, Advertising, Motion Graphics, Digital Consultation.


We started by simplifying all of the brands sales and marketing literature, building on the strengths of the most powerful elements to communicate a dynamic, progressive and forward thinking company. The brandmark became a versatile symbol for progress with the built in arrow given purpose across all engagement channels.

This was augmented with a rich colour palette deliberately chosen to differentiate Taconic Biosciences from the influx of new start-ups in the sector. We recognised that it was essential that the brand’s heritage be used as a driver to indicate experience, stability and insight.

Applied together – all of these elements amplified Taconic Biosciences as a trusted and progressive category leader. More importantly, the simpler, cleaner and more transparent design of complex White Papers, Case Studies and Pricing Guides improved communications with customers.


Samuel P. Phelan, Chairman of the Board at Taconic, commented on the transition of the company from a traditional breeder into a leading biosciences provider: “With all the advances in the understanding of both the human and murine genomes since the completion of the Human Genome Project in 2000, Taconic embarked upon launching a variety of new genetically-based products and services. We have pioneered the commercialization of transgenic models and now are providing even more relevant precision research models bearing human genes. The time was overdue for a name change and re-branding of Taconic. Taconic Farms no longer fits what we have become — a global biosciences corporation.”