Taconic Biosciences

After almost six decades it was time for Taconic Biosciences to redefine its purpose and clearly articulate its ‘scientific’ relevancy to the world.

Transforming this third generation family owned company in a sector where customers had grown complacent and viewed vendors through a lens of generic indifference – the Management Team recognised that customers did not properly understand how its capabilities and knowledge could be utilised within their research and continued to see them as just another supplier. This had to change.

It was time for Taconic Biosciences to become more human.

ClientTaconic BiosciencesServicesExhibition, Branding, Advertising, Motion Graphics, Digital Consultation.


‘More Predictive More Human’ was the creative platform for expression that brought to life Taconic Biosciences ability to bridged the company’s scientific and technological expertise to help researchers advance human healthcare.

The versatility of ‘More Predictive More Human’ was realised with effect at AACR where the campaign was launched to a global audience and won praise from customers and competitors alike who recognised it as a game changing declaration from Taconic.

Visually ‘More Predictive More Human’ had a deeper significance as it reinforced the brands evolution from Taconic Farms to Taconic Biosciences.


Working with the Brand Marketing Team we effectively and creatively helped Taconic Biosciences reposition itself as a life sciences innovator and equipped it with the communications collateral needed to steal the show at AACR.