Teklad Packaging and Rebrand

When Harlan Teklad was acquired by Envigo, our challenge was to ensure the smooth integration of the Teklad name into the wider Envigo brand structure whilst ensuring key visual identifiers were not lost during the brand migration.

ClientEnvigoServicesExhibiton, Branding, Advertising, Packaging


The new design purposively retains key identifiers from the old packaging whilst introducing a fresh and vibrant new colour swatch that successfully reflects the positive outcomes championed by Envigo and the investment the brand will bring to the product range. This bridging strategy ensures that hard earned brand equity was not lost in the process and indeed, became an underpinning justification to propel the rebrand.

Understanding the way in which the packaging functioned in its working environment allowed us to ensure that key visual triggers were strategically positioned. Building on the premium nature of the product range, the tangible values of the packaging were also addressed, with the selection of a craft substrate that offered the optimum protection to contents whilst also enabling a higher degree of clarity in the quality of print finish.


The revitalised Teklad range was effectively aligned with the new parent Envigo brand with packaging, diet sheets and trade press provided to support the needs of sales teams globally.